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How to Make Money on Instagram in Fashion

You’re a fashion obsessive who has translated your passion for everything fashion into a thriving Instagram page. It’s time to take that passion and turn it into a way to make money. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, but the the quickest and most lucrative way is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing [...]

The Top Instagram Hashtags for Musicians You Should Be Using in 2019

As a musician, you've got your content and engagement locked down. Your posting quality posts daily, and you're interacting with your fans and followers to the best of your ability. Still, you're not growing as quickly as you'd like to. The only thing left to ask yourself is, are you taking advantage of the top [...]

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How to Get More Instagram Followers for Artists (30 Ways)

For every Picasso, there are a thousand equally talented artists struggling to get there name out there. with now over 800 million users, Instagram has emerged as one of the best ways to do that. How to get more Instagram followers for artists, however, is a little more complicated than it is for a fitness [...]

How to Instagram DM Online in 2019 (From PC, Mac, & Other Desktops)

It's 2018 and Instagram still doesn't allow you to Instagram DM online. Instagram users are still required to send, receive, and manage their inbox from their phone or tablet. This isn't a big deal if you slide into the occasional DM, but for larger users sending and receiving hundreds of DMs, being confined to the [...]

How to Mass Unfollow on Instagram in 2019

Note: the easiest way to mass unfollow users on Instagram is with TagScout. With one click, you can begin automatically unfollowing all users who aren't following you back. Plus, as you continue to follow new users, TagScout will automatically unfollow all users who don't follow you back within a certain amount of time. This way, not [...]

How to Auto Like Instagram Posts from Any Desktop, Phone or Tablet

You know that jolt of happiness you get when someone Likes one of your Instagram posts? It's a wonderful feeling, because of that jolt, liking people's posts is one of the easiest ways to attract them to your channel and gain more followers. As you like more posts you are encouraging more people to check [...]