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36 Ways Anyone Can Optimize Their Instagram Messages

Whether you run a small business or simply a personal channel on Instagram, the ease with which you can communicate with your customers or followers through Instagram Direct makes Instagram messages one of the go-to forms of effective communication online. Having said that, Instagram now boasts over 700 million users with about half of [...]

How to Find and Use Hashtags for Followers on Instagram (3 Ways)

You own and operate a motivational lifestyle Instagram channel. You want to gain enough of an engaged following to become an influencer in your industry and gain the attention of big brands. You have your posts scheduled two weeks in advance and you know the best times to post on each day. What you [...]

Setting Up TagScout for Instagram Growth: Best Practices

If after starting your TagScout growth you find you're not reaching enough people, you may simply need to change your targeting options. Compare Screenshot A and Screenshot B below:   Screenshot A Screenshot B                   The one on the left is an [...]

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How to Send Instagram DMs on Your Desktop in 2019

Only being able to craft, send, and receive Instagram DMs on your phone may not seem like an inconvenience to the average Instagram user, but if you're a larger channel sending and receiving hundreds of DMs every day, taking out your phone and typing out each and every response can be incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, [...]

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How to Post to Instagram from Your Desktop in 2018

By now, the phone-application tie so synonymous with Instagram has largely been accepted. While you can access your account and browse Instagram from your desktop, the option to post to Instagram from your desktop seems at this point like a write-off. Which is a shame, because being able to post from your desktop would [...]

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IG Hoot vs. AiGrow – which app is best for free Instagram followers?

In continuing our series looking at Instagram automation tools from around the web, today we turn to IG Hoot. All you really need to immediately know about the service can be summed up in this one-liner from IG Hoot's website: "IG Hoot is a free, safe, and spam free Instagram autoliker, auto follower tool [...]

Why Instagram is the Best Lead Gen Tool You’re Not Using

Picking the right lead gen tool nowadays can be tricky. With incredibly comprehensive lists exploding from every crevice of Google's search labyrinth on what seems like a daily basis (like this one from Marcus Taylor at Venture Harbour), lead gen tools are alerting you to needs that you didn't even you had in the first [...]

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story? (Updated 2018)

Seeing the success of SnapChat's disappearing content and screenshot alert model, Instagram followed three years later in 2016 with their own version of the SnapChat model with disappearing DMs and Instagram Stories. Providing a near-identical experience to that provided by SnapChat, the shift from SnapChat to Instagram was monumental in size, and now there more people using [...]

Your Best 9 on Instagram 2017 and What to Learn From It

It's become almost expected now that customers receive a light-hearted email from their favorite companies detailing what happened over the past year. Uber sends you how many minutes you spent traveling, Spotify sends you who you listened to the most, and so on. One year-end recap that has really taken off recently, however, is [...]

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Beyond the Post: Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Creating killer content is what initially brings someone to your channel. But that's only half the battle. Once a potential follower stumbles upon your profile, it's up to you to make sure that your Instagram profile in its entirety is just as enticing as the post that brought them there in the first place. [...]