Top 80 Fitness Hashtags for Fitness Instagrammers of 2019

A certain way to increase your reach on Instagram is by using Instagram hashtags. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best fitness hashtags for those quickly wanting to know which ones are the best. In the end, we are going to explain what hashtags are exactly for those that [...]

Here’s How-To Go Viral on Instagram (Use this Tool!)

As you may know, going viral on Instagram can help a lot in terms of being seen by Instagram users other than your current followers and increase your engagement, hence the number of your followers. But the main concern remains: how to go viral on Instagram. In this article, you're about to discover ways [...]

5 Steps to Getting Paid to Post on Instagram

Getting paid to post on Instagram may sound like a dream job, but it's surprisingly easy to achieve. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, but the the quickest and most lucrative way is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is when business use real people on Instagram to advertise their business through sponsored [...]

Here’s How to Make Money on Instagram in Fitness (2019 Edition)

You're a fitness fanatic who has translated your passion for health and exercise into a thriving Instagram page. It's time to take that passion and turn it into a stream of income. Below is the quickest and most lucrative way how to make money on Instagram in fitness.   How to make money on Instagram [...]

How to Repost on Instagram: 8 Simple Ways in 2019

People expect consistent, daily content now more than ever. The problem with this is that people also expect quality content. You could post the highest quality posts but if they're not consistent enough, people are going to forget about you. You could post twice a day every day of the week, but if your posts [...]

How to Get Sales on Shopify with Instagram in 2018 (4 Ways)

If you are a small business on Shopify and you aren't on Instagram, you're missing out. Here are some quick stats explaining why: Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform. The average order placed on Instagram is $65.00, which is higher than any other top 5 social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, [...]

50 Shades of Instagram Growth: Successfully Marketing Your Business on Instagram

At TagScout, it’s our job to understand what makes for successful and sustainable Instagram growth strategies and to share that understanding with as many people as possible. Did you know that 76% of small businesses don’t see the value, don’t have the time for, or are simply too intimidated by Instagram marketing? Hearing that [...]

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story? (Updated 2018)

Seeing the success of SnapChat's disappearing content and screenshot alert model, Instagram followed three years later in 2016 with their own version of the SnapChat model with disappearing DMs and Instagram Stories. Providing a near-identical experience to that provided by SnapChat, the shift from SnapChat to Instagram was monumental in size, and now there more people using [...]

Beyond the Post: Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Creating killer content is what initially brings someone to your channel. But that's only half the battle. Once a potential follower stumbles upon your profile, it's up to you to make sure that your Instagram profile in its entirety is just as enticing as the post that brought them there in the first place. [...]

How Big Brands are Working With Social Influencers (3 Case Studies Explored)

As explained by Aprajita Jain, a brand marketing evangelist at Google, a Think with Google study found that 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers relate to social influencers more than to traditional celebrities This phenomenon could explain why the marketing departments of big and small companies alike, over 66% some studies indicate, are turning to people like Instagram influencers to market [...]