Why An Instagram Manager Is Necessary In 2018 (7 Options)

Instagram is no longer just posting what you did on the weekend. It's responsibilities are now so wide that many businesses rely on dedicated social media managers to carry on the daily responsibilities of their Instagram presence. However, before you go out and hire a full-time social media manager, consider using an Instagram manager [...]

How to Make Money on Instagram in Fashion

You’re a fashion obsessive who has translated your passion for everything fashion into a thriving Instagram page. It’s time to take that passion and turn it into a way to make money. There are many ways to make money on Instagram, but the the quickest and most lucrative way is through influencer marketing. Influencer marketing [...]

Should You Hire a Social Media Manager in 2019?

There's no debate that social media is now crucial part of growing your business. What is less clear, however, is whether or not it's worth hiring a social media manager. To give you an idea of just how essential social media now is for your business, consider these three stats about Instagram: Over a  billion users [...]

Why Any Small Business Can Benefit From a Social Media Manager

It's 2018. Having a social media presence is a non-negotiable business practice. Social media is an easy way to put more eyes on your business, generate more leads and sales, learn what your competitors are doing, give depth to your brand, and naturally interact with your customers on a daily basis. However, with an ever-growing [...]

5 Ways to Create a Shoppable Instagram Experience

Instagram has evolved into something bigger than just a social media platform. It's now become a thriving ecommerce platform as well.For example, consider these three stats:Over a billion users now use Instagram60% of users find new products on Instagram75% of  users take action after seeing a post (visiting a website, for example) Whether you are creating your business from scratch [...]

30 Social Media Management Tools You Need in 2019

Building and maintaing a thriving social media presence, especially across multiple platforms, is tough. You as a business need to do more than simply post content on your social media channels in order to drive results. Content is obviously part of the formula, but there is also getting your content in front of your target audience, [...]

A Working Instagram Comments App for Any Desktop, Phone or Tablet

Comments are the easiest way to connect with your followers and customers on Instagram and make them feel appreciated. Responding to every comment left on your posts is easy when you're a smaller channel just starting out, but as you gain more and more followers and receive more and more comments on your posts, responding [...]

How to Use Instagram for Business: 30 Ways in 2018

Did you know that 76% of small businesses don’t see the value, don’t have the time for, or are simply too intimidated by Instagram marketing? Hearing that really bummed us out, so we created a guide explaining how to use Instagram for business, regardless of what kind of business you run.   Let's jump right [...]

How to Get Sales on Shopify with Instagram in 2018 (4 Ways)

If you are a small business on Shopify and you aren't on Instagram, you're missing out. Here are some quick stats explaining why: Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social media platform. The average order placed on Instagram is $65.00, which is higher than any other top 5 social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, [...]