Why You Need An Unfollowers for Instagram App (15 To Choose From)

One of the most effective ways to gain more Instagram followers is by using the follow-for-follow method. This method simply consists of following targeted Instagram users with the anticipation that these users turn around and follow you back. Some studies show that through this method, you can expect approximately 300-350 new followers for every 1,000 [...]

Later vs. AiGrow – Which Instagram Scheduler Is Better?

Keeping with our series comparing Instagram tools from around the web, today we’re looking at Later (formerly known as Latergramme). What is Later? According to their website, “Later helps streamline your social media strategy so you can set yourself up for more sales and success. Our features focus on visual scheduling, media management, marketing and [...]

Here’s How to Get Followers on Instagram in 2019 (65+ Pages)

Did you know that 76% of small businesses don’t see the value, have the time, or are too intimidated by Instagram marketing? That’s why we at TagScout developed this insightful and practical guide to help teach you how to get followers on Instagram. We want the content to speak for itself, so we'll keep this intro short [...]

The Easiest Way to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts in 2019

Note: this article assumes you have your multiple accounts created and therefore know how to create multiple Instagram accounts in the first place. If you don't, quickly read this article from Instagram and then continue on below. Instagram now has over 1 billion users. That's a lot of people to connect with for one Instagram account.It also [...]

How to Upload Video to Instagram from Your PC in 2019

The fastest and most effecitve way to growing a successful Instagram page starts with daily posting. However, the fact that Instagram still requires you to post from your phone makes the task of daily posting more tedious than it needs to be. This is especially true if 1) you are posting multiple times a day and [...]

Why Using an Instagram Scheduling Tool is Essential (+5 Options)

The fastest and most effecitve way to growing a successful Instagram page starts with daily posting. However, while Instagram is undoubtebly the platform you should be prioritizing for your business, the platform is far from perfect. Fortunately, most of the problems and inconveniences associated with Instagram can be fixed with the help of an Instagram scheduling [...]

Should You Hire a Social Media Manager in 2019?

There's no debate that social media is now crucial part of growing your business. What is less clear, however, is whether or not it's worth hiring a social media manager. To give you an idea of just how essential social media now is for your business, consider these three stats about Instagram: Over a  billion users [...]

To Buy or Not To Buy Instagram Followers (Why It Won’t Make You Money)

If you are hoping to make money on Instagram, you may think that the best way to speed up the process is to buy more followers. After all, if companies look at how many followers you have in determining whether you qualify as a paid influencer, isn’t more better? Unfortunately, things aren't that easy. The [...]