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How to Quickly Recover Your Instagram Account2018-09-13T14:34:08+00:00

It sometimes happens that Instagram deactivates your account for no apparent reason. In most cases, Instagram simply wants to know that your account is owned by a real person.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to get your account back.


Here is what to do to recover your Instagram account in less than a day:

Trying logging into your Instagram on your phone as you normally would.


Recovering instagram (crossout)


Follow the on-screen instructions to “Learn More”.



Click on “Let us Know”.



Fill out the application to let Instagram know that there has been a mistake.



After hitting “Send”, your part is done.



In most cases, you can expect to get your account back in less than day.

What is the best way to initially set up TagScout?2018-10-23T01:20:18+00:00

Not sure how to get things started? Don’t worry – we got you covered!

Watch the video below to help get your TagScout up-and-running:

Step by step using tagscout
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How many followers can I expect to generate with TagScout?2018-06-22T15:43:05+00:00

We cant’ guarantee any specific number of followers because these are real people who have decided for themselves whether or not to follow you, However, the amount of followers you generate all depends on the speed you are using. With the Premium plan, which is what most people choose, you can use the Fast setting, as well as the Custom speed which you can customize to create an even faster speed, this could generate around 50-100 followers a day. With the Growth Starter plan, you can expect to generate around a quarter of that.

As each account is different, this number will vary. If you’re consistently posting high-quality content you’re definitely going to see a higher number of followers.

What is TagScout’s “Auto Response” feature and why should I use it?2018-06-22T15:54:26+00:00

What is it?

The Auto Response feature allows you to automatically respond to comments left on your posts.


Instagram auto respond

You can create multiple auto responses to be used in rotation. Using more than one auto response makes your responses more believable and less likely to be flagged by Instagram.


Why use it?

Being able to automatically respond to comments serves two main purposes:

  1. You make the people who left the comments on your post feel acknowledged and appreciated
  2. You quickly double the amount of engagement each one of your posts receives

The more engagement your posts receive (engagement meaning comments and Likes), and the quicker your posts receive it, the more likely you will show up in the top posts when people search for hashtags connected to your posts.



Let’s say you create a post with the hashtag #instagrammarketing.

If your post using #instagrammarketing receives more Likes and comments than the majority of other posts using #instagrammarketing, you’re going to show up front and centre when people search the hashtag #instagrammarketing.


TagScout more Instagram comments

High post engagement is how you get your posts into the top search results for a specific hashtag.


The more of your posts that rank high for their hashtags, the more visible you become. The more visible you are, the more people will visit your channel and ideally choose to follow you.

Watch the video below for more info:



Auto response comments are your way to more appreciative followers and higher visibility for your channel.

If you have any more questions, please email us at support@tagscout.com.

Why am I not receiving the email from Instagram with the code to verify my account?2018-01-24T15:55:40+00:00

When trying to overcome a security checkpoint on TagScout, you will be asked to provide the verification code sent to you by Instagram through email. The screen asking you will look like this:



If you are not receiving the email from Instagram with the required verification code, it’s likely that the email is being sent somewhere other than your primary inbox.

Follow the directions below to find the email.




The same can be said if you are checking your email on mobile.



Once you have located your email, open it and look for the provided code. It should look like this:



Finally, take the code and use it to finish solving the checkpoint, as illustrated below:



If you have any more questions, please email us at support@tagscout.com.

Why can’t I add or edit captions on my Instagram posts?2018-06-22T14:50:12+00:00

If after posting on Instagram, whether through TagScout’s content scheduler or just manually through Instagram, you are all-of-a-sudden not able to edit or add captions, there may be a number of reasons why.

First off, here’s how to add/edit comments/captions on an unrestricted account as explained by Instagram: How do I add, edit or delete the caption of an existing post?

If problems continue to persist, here are some possible solutions:

1. Vary up your captions — repeating your captions (and comments) can sometimes result in Instagram flagging your content as spam and possibly even having a temporary ban placed on your account.
2. Don’t drop your links everywhere — if Instagram deems your engagement (comments, DMs, etc.) as purely promotional, you may get hit with a temporary ban.
3. Watch your post frequency — if you begin posting at a substantially higher rate than you typically post, or post beyond an undisclosed daily/weekly/monthly limit, Instagram may see that as fishy and temporarily ban your account.



Does TagScout provide analytics?2018-06-22T15:31:45+00:00

TagScout offers granular analytics surrounding most aspects of Instagram growth.

When logged into your TagScout account, “Growth Analytics” can be found under the Growth Engine tab in the Activity Stats section:


Can I schedule posts using TagScout?2018-06-22T15:20:25+00:00

Scheduled posts are currently not available as a feature, but they will be available in the near-future.

Who can I message with TagScout DMs?2018-06-22T15:33:37+00:00

TagScout provides you with the ability to specify exactly who you would like to mass message based on such parameters as:

  • Connection to a competitor (follower, for example)
  • People using specific hashtags
  • Location

For example, if you run a business dealing with vintage clothing and you would like to expand your presence on Instagram, you might set your parameters to:

  • Tag: a hashtag like #vintageclothing or #vintageresale. Directs TagScout only to interact with accounts using these hashtags.
  • Location: depends on where you are located and/or are willing to ship to. If you are based in Canada and do not offer shipping outside of Canada, then you might set your location to “Canada”. If you ship only to specific countries, you can direct TagScout only to interact with people in those countries.
  • Account: any established vintage clothing IG account who might have followers that would be interested in your product.
How fast should I allow TagScout to perform its activities?2018-06-27T13:42:59+00:00

The activities that TagScout perform all depend on the speed you are using. With the Premium account, you have access to the Fast speed, where on the Growth Starter, you only have access to the Slow speed.

With the safe estimate that it takes people 2-3 days on average to people to check their IG, you want to give people enough time to see that you have begun following them and, more importantly, to follow you back. If your Follow/Unfollow cycles are too quick, you may follow and unfollow someone before they have even realized that you are/were following them.

What is “Priority” when setting up Follow/Unfollow cycles?2018-06-22T15:38:04+00:00

TagScout operates in cycles of Follows and Unfollows. This means that after you have followed a specified amount of people, TagScout will stop following accounts and begin unfollowing accounts instead.

Not only can you specify the number of accounts you’d like TagScout to follow before switching over to unfollowing (any number between 0-7,500), but you can also prioritize which cycle you’d like to happen first.

For example, if you are following 500 accounts and you’d like to reduce that number to 100 before beginning your next Follow cycle, simply set the option under “Priority” to “After Unfollow”.

What does “Unfollow Source” mean?2018-07-10T21:45:08+00:00

TagScout operates in cycles of Follows and Unfollows. This means that after you have followed a specified amount of people (this amount can range from 0-7,500), TagScout will stop following accounts and begin unfollowing accounts instead.

After switching on “Unfollow” on the dashboard, under the “Unfollow Source” tab there are two options: “Everyone” and “TagScout”.

Everyone option: TagScout, when choosing who to unfollow, will unfollow anyone, obtained from TagScout or otherwise, who you are currently following but who isn’t following you back.

TagScout option: TagScout, when choosing who to unfollow, will only unfollow those accounts who have been acquired through TagScout. Even if an account you are following is not following you back, if you began following that account on your own without using TagScout, you will not unfollow that account.

How to Change an Instagram Profile From Private to Public2017-10-06T22:19:15+00:00

To adjust this, start your Instagram app on your mobile device, go to your profile and tap “Edit Your Profile.”

IOS users, scroll to the bottom of the screen and toggle the “Posts Are Private” switch to the Off position.

If you have a Windows Phone or Android device, uncheck the box labeled “Posts are Private.”

What should I do if I don’t want my account Follow a bunch of random people?2017-10-05T19:26:22+00:00

Usually if you are trying to use your personal account to grow it via Tagscout, you may care who you are following and/or you wouldn’t like to follow random people. In this case, do one of the followings:

1- Just use Likes, Comments, DMs:

You can simply keep the Follow toggle button off under activities tab, or

2- Use Follow along with Unfollow (both switches ON):

Set a short cycle for Follow and Unfollow so you lose all the people whom your account has followed right after a period of time.

How to reset my Instagram Password if I have forgotten it2017-09-29T23:08:38+00:00

This is a typical situation for many users who haven’t logged onto their Instagram for long time and can’t remember their password.

Here is a few steps to solve the issue:


On Mobile Apps:

  • If you are already logged into your Instagram account:
  1. Go to your own profile page
  2. Tap on Settings on top right which looks like a Gear icon or 3 vertical dots; depends on using iOS or Android app
  3. Tap on Reset Password, you must get an email to reset your password. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.
  4. Reset your password with a new passcode
  5. Now go back to your TagScout dashboard
  6. Log into your account with the new password

                      <<Here is Guidelines by Instagram >>


  • If you are NOT logged into your Instagram account:
  1. Go to the login screen,
  2. Tap Get help signing in below Log In button. From there:
  3. On Android: select Use Username or Email, Send an SMS or Log In with Facebook, then enter your information and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. On iOS, tap Username or Phone. Enter your email address, username or phone number, then tap Send Login Link.
  5. Reset your password with a new passcode
  6. Now go back to your TagScout dashboard
  7. Log into your account with the new password

On Browser:

  1. Go to Password Reset Page, then enter the Email you signed up with or your Instagram username
  2. Follow the instructions to Reset your Instagram password
  3. Go back to your TagScout dashboard
  4. Log into your Instagram account with the new password


What are the activities that I can do or should do while TagScout is running on my IG account?2017-10-17T19:35:14+00:00

With TagScout, you can hand off all of the hard work required to create a thriving Instagram account to someone else so you can focus only on the fun stuff – creating engaging content. With TagScout, you can:

Quickly gain followers by automatically liking, commenting, and messaging your target audience in mass. Comments and messages are created by you before sending.

Manage multiple Instagram accounts with TagScout’s all-access dashboard with quick-view stats for each account.

Target Instagram followers by hashtag, geo-location, and competitor connection.

Upload excel sheets with specific Instagram accounts, automate DMs, and/or send bulk responses to targeted segments of your audience.

Manage all inbound and outbound messaging easily using a professional and easy to use Inbox.

Does TagScout have access to my IG password and will TagScout ever reset my password?2018-06-22T15:44:36+00:00

TagScout does not have access to anyone’s password and never has anything to do with resetting Instagram account’s passwords.

We warn you that doing similar activities as you have set on TagScout (such as likes, comments, follow and unfollow) while TagScout is running may lead to Instagram requesting that you change your password. To avoid this, leave these activities to TagScout and only focus on maintaining your page with great content and responding to your fans’ comments/likes/DMs.

How does the Follow-Unfollow Cycle work on Tagscout?2017-10-17T16:34:05+00:00

TagScout alternates between Follow and Unfollow in cycles. After following 7,500 people, Tagscout then automatically switches to unfollowing people until the number of people you are following returns back to zero (or until you turn off the TagScout engine).

Never worry about manually resetting the cycle. Every time you stop the activity and then start it again, TagScout starts from where it left off.

How do I only unfollow people to clean up my Instagram page?2018-06-22T15:04:56+00:00

TagScout is the perfect tool to create a desirable balance between your Followers and Followings.

In the Growth Engine tab under ”Activities“, simply turn UnFollow on while Follow is OFF. Set the speed to Fast or Custom and put any number of followings you would like to lose in the Unfollow field under “Follow & Unfollow Cycles”. Hit the Start Growth button and let TagScout do the cleaning.

See the snapshot below.


How do I set up Direct Messages on TagScout?2017-10-17T18:20:37+00:00

For best practices on automatically sending DMs, follow the instructions detailed in the link below to avoid any chances of Instagram temporarily blocking your account:

  • Best Practices for Sending DMS via TagScout:  http://bit.ly/2wSTp2Y

And if you would like to know how to use Instagram Direct Messages to win over loyal followers and eventually clients, check out this article:


If you still need help, please email us at support@tagscout.com

What should I do if I encounter Instagram’s 2-Factor Authentication while adding my account to TagScout?”2017-10-17T18:24:38+00:00

When adding your Instagram account to TagScout, you may run into Instagram’s “2-Factor Authentication” question (only if you have it activated). In this case, follow the steps below:

1- Deactivate 2-Factor Authentication from your Instagram app by going into your settings, or

2- Receive the code either by email or by text and enter it into our prompt.

If you still need help, please email us at support@tagscout.com

How do I delete my TagScout account?2018-06-05T17:32:55+00:00

If you wish to cancel your TagScout account, you need to contact us and we will cancel your account for you, you can use the Contact Us on our website to do so. However, we require a 30-day notice before we can cancel an account, therefore your subscription will continue another 30 days before full cancelation. You will not receive any refunds if you cancel your account. 

What should I do if I encounter Instagram’s Check-point Verification while adding my account to TagScout?2018-06-21T13:56:47+00:00

While adding your Instagram account to Tagscout you might run into a typical Instagram check-point verification question. Basically, Instagram wants to see if you are the owner of the account. When this happens, you will receive a prompt on your Instagram account in the app asking you if it was you trying to log in.


1- Either try to add your account to TagScout again after 24 hours and Instagram will hopefully automatically let you add your account, or

2- Go back to your Instagram app which is logged into the same account and when you see the page demonstrated in the link below, hit “This was me”.

If you would like more go to this post, or email us at support@tagscout.com

How many Instagram accounts can I manage at once?2018-06-20T14:43:52+00:00

You can add and manage an unlimited number of accounts.

After your free trial, the number of accounts you can run depends on the plan that you have purchased.

In tier Pro: you pay only for 1 account for 1 year and receive a 50% discount. You also get 2 FREE extra accounts to be run in your dashboard for 1 year.

In tier Premium: you pay only for 1 account for 6 months and receive a 40% discount. You also get 1 FREE account to be run in your dashboard for 6 months.

In tier Basic: you pay only for 1 account each month and receive no discount. You do not get any additional free account to be run in your dashboard.

You can also add an account at any time and the FREE TRIAL starts on that account once added.

If you still need help, please email us at support@tagscout.com

Can I stop and restart the growth engine at any time?2017-10-17T18:33:43+00:00

Yes, you can start or stop the growth engine at any time.

If you still need help, please email us at support@tagscout.com

How many new members can TagScout add per day?2018-06-20T15:59:20+00:00

Instagram has a limit to how many people users can target with follows, likes or comments on a given day, and this also changes as your account matures.

TagScout has a throttling feature that allows you to set the engine to slow, normal or fast speed.  If running in “slow” mode, TagScout will add roughly 50-100 members per day at first allowing you to more deeply engage with new members.  In “fast” mode, TagScout will add between 150-300 members per day and grow in rate from there.

As each individual account is different, the exact number will vary. We can’t guarantee any specific number.

Will TagScout message my users?2018-06-20T14:46:16+00:00

If you select the “comment” feature in the Growth page, TagScout will post comments (created by you) on the accounts of your target audience.

TagScout will never message other accounts unless you use one of the messaging options.

Go to the DM dashboard to set up your DMs to be sent to a targeted audience. Your target audience can include:

  1. New followers,
  2. Existing Followers,
  3. A custom list of users,
  4. Followers of your competition accounts, or
  5. Users who have used a specific hashtag

For the last three choices, please contact our support team at support@tagscout.com

Why does TagScout need my Instagram account info?2018-06-22T15:30:07+00:00

TagScout acts as an Instagram assistant and requires access to your Instagram account in order to connect with potential followers, and message them on your behalf based on your messaging settings.

Can I use Instagram while TagScout is running?2017-11-23T19:16:26+00:00

Yes of course!  As explained in-depth in our article “62 Proven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2018“, we actually recommend that you spend quality time working on great content so new and existing followers remain engaged and active.  You no longer have to like, follow or comment on posts from other users since TagScout does all that heavy lifting for you.

How do I upgrade my package?2018-06-20T14:50:25+00:00

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.  In addition to changing the account status, you can also add more Instagram accounts so that you can manage them all through one dashboard.  Click on the upgrade option under your account settings, or contact a TagScout customer support at support@tagscout.com.

How do I purchase TagScout?2018-06-20T15:03:08+00:00

TagScout provides simple and transparent pricing options starting from a basic monthly account fee for one Instagram account and ranging to our Pro package that provides discounted pricing and access to up to 3 accounts.

Visit www.tagscout.com/pricepackages for more information, or contact us at support@tagscout.com