Instagram posts new updates 2019 – Future Instagram

There are two new potential updates on their way that could change Instagram in some beneficial ways. The one is going to roll up for hashtags and the other for the messenger of Instagram.

These updates aren’t already out to anybody and could be some updates Instagram either is working on or think about working on, but none of them are released yet, and nobody knows the exact time.

No more hashtags

Just remember these are not confirmed by Instagram and they are just some screenshots linked by some websites. The first update is basically hashtag-free post. Maybe you’d ask Instagram is going to get rid of hashtags?

Hashtags in Future Instagram Online

The answer might be positive, but you are allowed to use them in different areas. According to the Next Web (, there is a new post format that would involve users adding hashtags to a distinct section on posts instead of in the captions themselves. Theoretically, this will allow brands to still get the reach benefits of hashtags without having the giant blocks of them appearing in captions, treating them more likely categorization tools. Another point is it might help people not get shadowbanned. As you might know one of the ways to get shadow banned not so common anymore and it was definitely common not long ago was going to put more than 30 hashtags in your comment and spam them.

If this update rolls out you don’t have to worry about getting shadowbanned whether you put it in your caption or comments. This would solve a lot of problems as Instagram gets a lot cleaner. There is a post on Twitter declaring Instagram is testing the ability to add hashtags to posts without including it in the post caption.

This is how it would look like where you can add a post, share with your close friends, tag people, add a location, and add hashtags. Instead if adding them to the bio you literally have the option to add hashtags and search them all. As you see it is going to avoid all shadow banned issues, and make Instagram a lot cleaner.

No need to type

Another update is audio messaging. Nobody can deny how much powerful it is to send someone an audio message or a video message than to text.  It is much easier to build a relationship with customers, and longer to get closer to your potential clients when you can send them video or audio messages.

Here is a post on Instagram about this update.

Instagram Future Updates- Voice as the DM

One of the important things about Facebook messenger is the ease of using audio messages. If you get asked a lot of questions, you’d better go through audio messages to respond. It is much easier and also puts a lot of money to your pocket, having conversion back and forth with potential clients and customers.


These two potential updates can be really cool. Hashtags always look clattery on posts or comments. And sometimes you can get shadowbanned. I think that’s a great feature to possibly avoid being shadow banned with and to make the post a lot less spammy. And by adding voice recording messengers you can to put lots of money in your pocket since you are able to be super personal with your customers, clients, and anyone following you.