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“At SweatShoppe I never had the time or expertise to handle Instagram.  With TagScout, we were able to fill all of our classes for the past 12 months. I put it on auto-pilot and trust that my brand is in good hands”

Sean McDonald , Local Gym Owner

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@fashiomoments, Fashion Designer

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Ari Rahbari, Online Retailer

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What is the best way to initially set up TagScout?2018-10-23T01:20:18+00:00

Not sure how to get things started? Don’t worry – we got you covered!

Watch the video below to help get your TagScout up-and-running:

Step by step using tagscout
How many followers can I expect to generate with TagScout?2018-06-22T15:43:05+00:00

We cant’ guarantee any specific number of followers because these are real people who have decided for themselves whether or not to follow you, However, the amount of followers you generate all depends on the speed you are using. With the Premium plan, which is what most people choose, you can use the Fast setting, as well as the Custom speed which you can customize to create an even faster speed, this could generate around 50-100 followers a day. With the Growth Starter plan, you can expect to generate around a quarter of that.

As each account is different, this number will vary. If you’re consistently posting high-quality content you’re definitely going to see a higher number of followers.

Who can I message with TagScout DMs?2018-06-22T15:33:37+00:00

TagScout provides you with the ability to specify exactly who you would like to mass message based on such parameters as:

  • Connection to a competitor (follower, for example)
  • People using specific hashtags
  • Location

For example, if you run a business dealing with vintage clothing and you would like to expand your presence on Instagram, you might set your parameters to:

  • Tag: a hashtag like #vintageclothing or #vintageresale. Directs TagScout only to interact with accounts using these hashtags.
  • Location: depends on where you are located and/or are willing to ship to. If you are based in Canada and do not offer shipping outside of Canada, then you might set your location to “Canada”. If you ship only to specific countries, you can direct TagScout only to interact with people in those countries.
  • Account: any established vintage clothing IG account who might have followers that would be interested in your product.
Can I use Instagram while TagScout is running?2017-11-23T19:16:26+00:00

Yes of course!  As explained in-depth in our article “62 Proven Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers in 2018“, we actually recommend that you spend quality time working on great content so new and existing followers remain engaged and active.  You no longer have to like, follow or comment on posts from other users since TagScout does all that heavy lifting for you.

How do I upgrade my package?2018-06-20T14:50:25+00:00

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time.  In addition to changing the account status, you can also add more Instagram accounts so that you can manage them all through one dashboard.  Click on the upgrade option under your account settings, or contact a TagScout customer support at support@tagscout.com.